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AntiRadical Therapeutics, LLC

The Company and The Lead Cancer Drug:


AntiRadical Therapeutics LLC (ART) is dedicated to the development of a superoxide dismutase mimetic an an anti-metastasis drugs to reduce and improve quality of life of cancer patients. ART have preclinical efficacy on VACNO [(vascular albumin with caged nitric oxide aka PNA (polynitroxylated albumin)] in multiple cancer models. VACNO is macromolecular superoxide dismutase mimetic with its activities derives of conjugated nitroxide as shown below.

VACNO has been demonstrated to have five(5) therapeutic mechanisms of VACNO demonstrated in the triple negative breast cancer model:

1)  It removes the superoxide and its related reactive oxygen species of cancer cells to prevent metastasis; 2) It improves the blood flow to the tumor hypoxic core to improve standard cancer therapies including immunotherapy; 3) It reverses metastasis induced by superoxide producing chemotherapeutic drug; 4) It serves, like albumin, as carriers for paclitexal, the most widely used anti-mitosis drug in cancer therapy, and 5) It extends the survival when used conjunctively with 3 standard chemotherapeutic drug with corresponding inhibition of metastasis.


This preclinical efficacy data supports the initiation of Phase Ib clinical trial after approval of IND from FDA.


VACNO has completed GLP IND safety study on file with FDA and has received FDA approval at its GMP certified pilot plant to produce clinical grade PNA for Phase Ib clinical trials.


ART is applying SBIR grants to NCI with Sanford Research Center support to expand VACNO for conjunctive use with immunotherapy as a sixth(6th) therapeutic mechanism. ART has received HonorHealth support to apply for Phase Ib clinical trial funding from NCI. Private venture capital match funding towards the completion of Phase II Clinical Trials is being persuaded.