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Full Papers


1) Stoyanovsky DA, Kapralov A, Huang Z, Maeda A, Osipov A, Hsia CJC, Ma L, Kochanek PM, Bayr H, Kagan VE. ¡°Unusual peroxidase activity of polynitroxylated pegylated hemoglobin: Elimination of H2O2 coupled with intramolecular oxidation of nitroxides¡± Biochem and Biophys Res Com 399:139-143 (2010)




2) Shellington DK, Du L, Wu X, Exo J, Vagni V, Ma L, Janesko-Feldman K, Clark RSB, Bayir H, Dixon CE, Jenkins LW, Hsia CJC, Kochanek PM, Polynitroxylated pegylated hemoglobin:  A novel neuroprotective hemoglobin for acute volume-limited fluid resuscitation after  combined traumatic brain injury and hemorrhagic hypotension in mice Crit Care Med. 39(3):494-505 (2011)




3) Hsia CJC and Ma. L . ¡°A Hemoglobin-based Multifunctional Therapeutic: PNPH¡± Artificial Organs 36:215-220 (2012)




4) Ma L and Hsia C. Polynitroxylated Hemoglobin as a Multifunctional Therapeutic for Critical Care and Transfusion Medicine (Chapter 8, page 169-194). In book: Selected Topics in Nanomedicine, ed. TM Chang, World Science Publisher/Imperial College Press, Singapore/London (2013)




5) Hsia CJC, Thompson FM, Wang D, Ma L. Polynitroxylated Pegylated Hemoglobin (PNPH) - A Nanomedicine for Critical Care and Transfusion (Chapter 16, page 299-314). In: Hemoglobin-based Oxygen Carriers as Red Cell Substitutes and Oxygen Therapeutics, ed. Kim HW & Greenburg AG . Springer Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany (2014, in press).




6) Brockman EC, Bayir H, Blasiole B, Shein SL, Fink EL, DixonCE, Clark RSB, Vagni VA, Ma L, Hsia CJC, TishermanSA, Kochanek PM. Polynitroxylated Pegylated Hemoglobin Attenuates Fluid Requirements and Brain Edema in Combined Traumatic Brain Injury Plus Hemorrhagic Shock in Mice. Accepted to J. Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism




Recent Abstracts and Presentations




7) Zhang J, Cao S, Ma l, Hsia CJC, Koehler RC (2013) Protection from Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemia by Transfusion of Polynitroxylated Pegylated Hemoglobin, International Stroke Conference February 6-8, Honolulu, HI, Stroke in press (2013)




8) Brockman E, Dixon C, Bayir H, Blasiole B, Clark R, Vagni V, Ma L, Hsia C, Kochanek P: Polynitroxylated pegylated hemoglobin attenuates fluid requirements and brain edema in combined traumatic brain injury plus hemorrhagic shock in mice. 42nd Critical Care Congress, January 19-23, 2013.




9) Brockman EC, Dixon CE, Bayir H, Blasiole B, Clark RSB, Vagni V, Ma L, Hsia C, Kochanek PM: Polynitroxylated pegylated hemoglobin attenuates fluid requirements and brain edema in combined traumatic brain injury plus hemorrhagic shock in mice. Neurotrauma 2012, July 22-25, 2012, Phoenix, Arizona.




10) Ma L and Hsia C, A therapeutic hemoglobin nano particle for critical care, emergency, and transfusion medicine. International Conference of Nanobiotechnology and Microsystem Innovative Industrialization, Chongqing, China October 22-23, 2011




11) Kochanek PM, Bayir H, Shellington D, Lewis C, Wu X, Du L, Vagni V, Feldman KJ, Ma L, Kagan V, Hsia C, Clark RSB. Polynitroxylated Pegylated Hemoglobin (PNPH): A Novel Neuroprotective Hemoglobin in Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Resuscitation. XIII ISBS meeting in Boston, MA, July 27-29, 2011




12) Blasiole B, Vagni VA, Janesko-Feldman K, Ma L, Hsia C, Kochanek PM. Resuscitation of experimental traumatic brain injury and hemorrhagic shock in mice: Acute effects of polynitroxylated pegylated hemoglobin and 100% oxygen. SCCM 40th Congress, San Diego, CA, Jan 2011




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